I’m told I’m old and definitely not ‘on-trend’, unlike my daughters and wife, who so clearly are!

Why is it then, even though I have not bought and I’m never likely to buy from www.boohoo.com, that every time I hear Rae Morris, I’m reminded of them? Two reasons I think, firstly it’s a great track and they play it on Radio 2. Secondly, I’ve seen the advertisement several times (for some reason), and the tune has stuck with me.

Whilst I doubt that the ad has hit its target market with me, it so clearly connects. BooHoo are doing very well and as an Internet only company, this is no mean feat. The ‘WeAreFree’ ad and the video featuring Rae Morris is promoting the clothes and the style around summer music festivals, and is a superb example of music being both meaningful and authentically matching the brand story. If you watch the ad you will see that the tune fits, perfectly communicating a clear emotional story that helps people feel the brand and the story that Boohoo tell.

You’ve got to love music and how it makes us feel… clever isn’t it!


Paul Stead

Managing Director