hifiHigh Fidelity is one of my favourite films, and the book is pretty good too.  I remember the book being bought for me by a very good friend, who was amazed that I had not yet read it, what with me being a music fan and all that.  You will (and I highly recommend it), have to watch the film to get the main theme, however one of the sub-themes are lists, and in particular music lists. These include “Top five side one, track ones” or “Top five angry songs about women” etc.  Incidentally, Jack Black’s performance is brilliant to watch in the film.

The main character is played by John Cusack, and he gives the rules when making a perfect Mixtape. Now depending on your age, you may not know what a Mixtape is?  Well the digital equivalent of a Mixtape is a playlist, curated for someone, or for an event such as a party.  A Mixtape is the cassette tape equivalent (remember those?), where each track has meaning to the author of the tape, and if skilfully done, it reveals and conveys its meaning, its code, to those that eventually get to listen to it.

These are great, and I have made many in my time, both for parties and for the odd girlfriend (and I’ve had some odd girlfriends).  However, it is hard to be original, and a playlist is just that, a list of songs following some order.  It has a start, and an end, and one track naturally follows another.  Many of today’s music streaming services allow you to randomise your playlist, however, if you are following the rules when making a perfect mixtape, it will not have the same outcome in terms of flow and meaning. That randomisation removes the links, the build, the overall picture being made clearer.

The same is true when programming music for your business.  You may be able to create the perfect playlist (or Mixtape) once, twice or three times, but can you do that time after time, and day after day?  How quickly do you hit the randomise icon before your playlist gets old and loses its flow and meaning?  Very quickly I’d wager…

TSG Media have been producing Mixtapes for thirty odd years. In fact, the music format and delivery method way back then when we started, was cassette tapes!  And still today, over thirty years later, our music programming teams create and curate the musical signatures and identities for many of the UK’s best known and most loved retail, hospitality, fitness and hotel brands. Time after time, day after day. On-brand, always.

A perpetual Mixtape if you will, and I believe that the current trend of using either a streaming service or a domestic music service that allow you to either choose a pre-built playlist or even build your own, is missing the point, and has an in built potency that is destined to fade and lose its effectiveness at the point of purchase, very, very quickly.

The point I’m trying to get across is that everyone has one or two good Mixtapes in them, good enough for a dinner party, or for wooing their current romantic interest. However, if you want music programming created for your business, the kind that authentically matches your merchandise and unique offer (the things customers see and feel when they are in your business), then you should use a music programming company. And preferably one that has been doing Mixtapes for a living, day in, day out, for over thirty years…

And in the spirit of the film High Fidelity – here’s our ‘Top Five Music Programming Companies’:

  1. TSG Media
  2. TSG Media
  3. TSG Media
  4. TSG Media
  5. TSG Media

Paul Stead

Managing Director