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We asked members of staff if they would like to contribute to a a blog, these are the results of that!

High Five…

High Fidelity is one of my favourite films, and the book is pretty good too.  I remember the book being bought for me by a very good friend, who was amazed that I had not yet read it, what with me being a music fan and all that.  You will [...]

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You’ve got to love music..

I'm told I'm old and definitely not ‘on-trend’, unlike my daughters and wife, who so clearly are! Why is it then, even though I have not bought and I’m never likely to buy from www.boohoo.com, that every time I hear Rae Morris, I'm reminded of them? Two reasons I think, [...]

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Record Store Day 2015

I, like many other music fans will be standing outside an independent record store (in my case Rapture Records in Witney) this Saturday at 8am clutching a shopping list of "wants" and "needs" in my sweaty hands. Yes its that time of year again for Record Store Day UK - [...]

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Don’t Drenge and drive – unless you’re driving a tank

I was listening to 6 Music a few mornings ago (as I usually do when driving) when: "We Can Do What We Want" by Drenge came on and snapped me to attention. I'd heard the track several times before but this time it grabbed me by the lapels and screamed [...]

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Our ‘Music Journey’!

While my reading list may not be everyone's cup of tea, one recent fascinating read was "The Sonic Boom : How Sound Transforms the We We Think, Feel, and Buy" (Joel Beckerman, Tyler Gray, Houghton Miffin £17.83). Obviously the use of music and sound is my business so this is [...]

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Kanye West at Glastonbury. Yeezy Does It!

Seeing that the fuss earlier this week about whether or not Kanye West is "Worthy" to headline Glastonbury Festival this Summer has been blown out of all proportion with petitions being started to replace him with a "rock band", I feel as someone who's regularly been to the festival better [...]

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